Nurse Risa Peets

The It’s OK to be Different series were written for children with type 1 diabetes. They were designed to be used as a tool, to help them navigate through the challenging world of diabetes using storytelling. When I look at the prevalence of obesity in this nation and its contribution to the diabetes epidemic, the problem has not only increased among adults, but the prevalence has grown among young children. Although diabetes is a challenging illness, my hope is that through these books, children will begin to not only better understand but accept their unique differences. I am looking forward to seeing and hearing how the children who read these books share their own stories on how they are becoming difference makers in their schools and communities.

I have been a practicing registered nurse for almost two decades. However, with my decades of experience in nursing education, and research my awareness of diabetes really began as a young girl watching my grandmother struggle with managing her diabetes. It was then that my heart and passion to educate better diabetes management in both adults and children in way that improves lives was sparked. I have used a variety of learning platforms for diabetes education; traditional classroom, e-learning, and but by far my favorite platform is storytelling. It’s OK To Be Different books are designed to be tools that not only create a safe space for children, but are fun to read! We are committed to progressively educating and equipping families who are journeying to triumphantly manage Type 1 Diabetes.

Happy Reading!!

Dr. Risa Peets PhD, RN

Dr. Risa Peets PhD, RN is a new children’s author, her hope is that through her writing, children with diabetes discover that being different is really okay. With a growing number of children in this nation developing diabetes, she hopes this book will allow those children to discover their real champion within! Risa currently resides in North Carolina and enjoys reading, cycling, traveling and dining at local farm to table restaurants.